Uplift and inspire individuals around the world

This is M-PAKS mission. We not only want to create amazing products that are built to last, look great and are extremely versatile, we also are focused on helping others. For anyone who has taken notice around them can see the tremendous need throughout the world; especially among kids. 

My brother and I (Kevin and Kirk) have both spent years of service overseas and understand first-hand the poverty and hardship many people experience on a daily basis. Our hope is to complete at least one humanitarian trip per year in needy areas locally and around the world and donate a smaller version of the M-PAKS so kids no longer have to sit on the ground to learn at school or home. This will help save schools money and not have to purchase expensive desks or table and chairs. This will also more directly impact the individual students and hopefully inspire them to pursue their education for as long as possible. 

Each M-PAKS purchase helps us in this goal and to fulfill our mission. Are you in?